About Us

The Collins Works’ mission – “Doing good works for a good cause.” Christian ministries and small businesses often struggle to secure the financial resources necessary to build the technological infrastructure required to keep up with our changing culture. With the meteoric rise of social media and the expectation that “everyone has a web site,” small ministries and businesses either fail to get noticed, or lose ground to those that have the means to forge ahead. The Collins Works was created to help fill the technology gap by drawing on a pool of talented and dedicated technologists who share a passion to serve Christ through their talents. The financial burden for the development of a high quality web site or other technology infrastructure is thus dramatically reduced, with a large percentage of the cost of development donated to the ministry or small business.

Please visit our latest projects, Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Westerville and Right Start Radio with Pastor Jim Custer. We have integrated the audio portion of Right Start Radio with Apple iTunes, which you can visit at Right Start Radio on iTunes.

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